The ‘Wayward Array Of Thoughts’ is just as the name suggests, a collection of arbitrary material.

Here I will be sharing my personal experiences, my views and opinions on multifarious topics, be it my travel adventures, simple day to day experiences, movies and books, or politics and social injustices or maybe even how much I am in love with dogs and at times feel that they are better than the company I have (Lol! Sorry folks had to say it).

I just hope people find my writing worth reading and appreciating and enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them.

About me: I’m just another person riding life, an engineer in the making, learning till the end of time.

  • Voracious reader (who prefers mystery and thriller over others)
  • Loves Harry Potter series and dogs. Not sure which more.
  • Favourite band: Secondhand Serenade and Maroon 5
  • Favourite TV series: Game of Thrones and Dexter (though I absolutely abhor the end).
  • Favourite Movies: Bridewars (simply the best), Marley and Me, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Mirrors and Cast Away
  • Loves all sorts of genres be it rom-com or horror, just the storyline and acting should be good.
  • Pretends to understand coding.
  • Will prefer to stay in at home any day over going out to meet unknown people at random occasions. More of a stay home to read and watch movies type of person rather than go to a party.

Hope you like my blog enough to follow it. Cheers!